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Choice Family Australia Inc is a group of Australians that support Choice Cambodia organisation. Our mission is to promote and support the work of Choice Cambodia Organisation to advance the well being of extremely poor disadvantaged Cambodian squatter families and individuals keeping children with their families. Many are without land or proper housing or sanitation with  little or no  resourses to provide for themselves. We donate, fundraise and regularly visit Cambodia, JOIN US on a field trip.

CHOICE Cambodia Organisation is a registered Non-Profit Organization in Cambodia, founded by expatriates in 2006. The team all volunteers, strive to make a difference to the extremely poor and disadvantaged people of Cambodia. C.H.O.I.C.E classify the extreme poor as those Khmers who are homeless, or have no land and no adequate health-care, they do not have the resources to provide for themselves. CHOICE is driven by a very strong commitment to keep families together, rather than allow poverty to separate the children from their families and to prevent exploitation.”

Registered with the ACNC number 61332062925, helping the disadvantaged, and poorest of the poor,  alleviating poverty in Cambodia and promote sustainable human development.


Make a Choice and support Choice Cambodia Organisation ! Your Contributions will bring a smile and light to the lives of the children and villagers.

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