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Protection policy

Choice Family Australia Inc is an organization which considers the integrity and value of the individual to be paramount and supports the rights of children with  zero tolerance to child abuse.



Choice Family Australia ensure that Choice Cambodia Organisation, in Cambodia, have implemented both a child protection policy, and an adult protection policy, in order to treat people  regardless of race, color, sex, language ,religion, political or other opinion, national,  ethnic, or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status, not use language  or behavior towards children that is inappropriate, harassing, abusive,sexually provocative, demeaning, or culturally inappropriate, not to engage children in any form of sexual activity or acts, {including Part 111A of the Australian Crimes Act 1914 (Cwlth) as amended), the child is below the age of consent or the act(s) are an offense under reverent laws, where possible, ensure that another adult is present when working in the proximity of children, not to invite unaccompanied children into home, unless they are at immediate risk of  injury or physical danger,not to sleep close to unsupervised children unless absolutely necessary, or in the presence in the presence of another adult if possible,use any computers, mobile phones, or video and digital/film cameras appropriately,and never to exploit or harass children or to access child pornography through any medium.


All images of children used by Choice Family Australia Inc on its website, in its brochures and other marketing material must be respectful, appropriate and display children in and empowering way, where possible consent of either the child or parent/guardian of the child be sought at the time of recording an image of a child. 

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