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What Choice Cambodia Organisation do ?

We provide support in three main areas, each of these is broken into many parts:

1. Medical/Health for adults and children.

We take sick people to Hospital and pay their costs for food, transport and sometimes their Medicine and Hospitalization, Birth control, Vaccinations, Safe water deliveries, Formula milk, Mosquito nets and more.

2. Education/Vocational Training for children.

We transport children to and from Government school for half a day, and to the CHOICE School for the other half day. CHOICE provide English lessons, Phonic lessons, Computer classes and Kindergarten classes. We supply lunchs, books, uniforms and other education material, all are supplied free of charge. In Phnom Penh  we provide University Scholarships and Apprenticeships if we can afford, we provide for all their accommodation food allowances etc.

3. Family Assistance for all in our Villages.

The elderly, some deserted mothers and those that are suffering illness often need special support, it may be providing rice, paying for medical expenses, medicine or transporting them to and from the facility that help. Sometimes we can find work for individuals or families, we often deliver free footwear, clothing and other items.

We are totally committed to a 100% transparency and run by a 100% Volunteer policy. All financial records are always available to donors for inspection. We need your financial help and support and if you are visiting Cambodia and in Phnom Penh, please join us on our trips and help with our water deliveries. We need  volunteer teachers, kindergarten assists, IT teachers, cooks or chefs and gardeners at our Center preferably for the long term.

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